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Quality Education means strengthening the skills of teachers to face critical day-to-day issues of teaching.


We want to see individual and collective well-being grow everywhere, despite poverty and violence.

Our Goal is to Train
1 Million Teachers throughout the World by 2030

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"Every teacher must have access to advanced educational tools, especially if they work in adverse, fragile contexts or those affected by social tensions."
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Our Mission


The extremely high level of global learning poverty is a sign that many education systems have failed to guarantee effective learning.

Quality in education give the next generation a future.


7 out of 10 children in low- and middle-income countries suffer from chronic learning poverty. All the gains in learning poverty registered from 2000 to 2015 have been lost.

The most effective change agents we have are teachers.



The learning poverty is tragically growing all over the world, bringing down the future of an entire generation with it.  More teachers, as well as more powerful training, are required.

We use artificial intelligence and virtual tutor to reach as many teachers as possible with brief and focused courses.

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Our Mission

Prioritize the
Well-Being of EVERY Child and Young Person

As of 2019, the increasing criticality of phenomena such as rising poverty and economic inequality, the explosion of mental distress in adolescence, the outbreak of new wars, deep changes in labor markets, and the uncertainty generated by the ecological crisis has negatively impacted the lives of millions of people by significantly decreasing levels of well-being globally.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that more than 350 million migrants would cross the globe by 2030 as a result of climate and economic issues, posing an extensive cultural and organizational challenge.

We are clearly unprepared for these occurrences.
Education is Crucial to dealing with each of these issues because it fuels innovation, solutions, planning, and anticipation of new possibilities.

The synchronism of climate, economic, health and social challenges have led to a time of crisis for humanity.

We are facing historic changes and feel unprepared.

A robust and immediate action is needed to mark an educational turning point: to safeguard its future, every country needs to prioritise the well-being of children and young people. The first step is to train teachers in quality education.

Let the Numbers Speak
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Countries where educational poverty is increasing​
Out of 10 children suffer from chronic learning poverty, now
Countries served by Teachers Outreach from October 2023

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