Let’s change our future

Teachers are key to pursuing greater well-being and sustainable economic development. They represent a fundamental resource for overcoming poverty and marginalization.

But today, in places affected by poverty, social tensions and conflicts, finding educational staff who have the qualifications and training to be teachers of ever-increasing quality is a difficult challenge to pursue. If you don’t have the tools, you leave the field free for exploitation, illiteracy and crime.

When teachers lack adequate training to deliver quality education, students struggle to learn and achieve basic literacy and numeracy skills.

As a result, many children and young people drop out of school and many others finish it early, without knowing how to read and write.

Teachers whose original education has been compromised or interrupted need to continue on this path more than ever.

For everyone, continuing to train is essential to better reach an ever-increasing number of children. 

All this, together with the recognition of the important role played by Teachers, lays the foundations for a more equitable, sustainable system that manages to enhance every single child.