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Quality Education

Our inaugural session in Africa was a resounding success!

We’ve made incredible strides, reaching 30 countries and enrolling over 1.322 teachers. A whopping 2.880 teachers have eagerly subscribed to our information newsletters, and we’ve ...
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Quality Education

Anticipating the Educational Landscape of 2024: A Glimpse into the Evolution of Quality Education

At COP27 in 2022, the UN Secretary-General emphasized: Indeed, at Teachers Outreach, we firmly believe in the necessity for humanity to cease making war on ...

Newsletter #1

Welcome to our inaugural Teachers Outreach morning coffee! We’ve planned around 20 newsletters per year, ensuring they’re short and sweet – just a few minutes ...
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Green New Deal

Transforming Education for a Greener Future: The Whole-School Approach

To accelerate urgent action on climate sustainability, the Greening Education Partnership was launched during the Transforming Education Summit as a global initiative to deliver strong, ...
Quality Education

A resolution is achievable

The “Teachers Outreach” project addresses the enormous shortage of untrained teachers in places around the world that are burdened by conditions that prevent access to ...