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The Plan and Goals of the Course


The goals of the course

The Plan

What we will work on

Approach and Methodology

Evidence based education: all Teachers Outreach contents are science validated. Teachers Outreach is an innovative training program developed by teachers and educators for all teachers and educators who work in situations characterized by social challenges with high human impact and stress levels.

Artificial Intelligence at work for human progress: Our program was created with an injection of artificial intelligence: with our virtual tutor we can reach teachers with brief, focused courses where there is the greatest demand.

Teachers Outreach is one of the outcomes of Patrizio Paoletti’s valuable pedagogical training and dissemination work; its innovative nature and validity have been recognized by several scientific investigations conducted by major Italian and foreign Institutes and Universities.

Micro-learning is our didactic strategy in which the contents are condensed into small and meaningful teaching units, allowing trainees to manage their own time.

Practical insights: in Teachers Outreach you can find short contents made by teachers who have already experienced the ideas and practices offered.

Teachers Outreach is headed by Marco Benini, an educational project manager with 25 years of expertise in leading social projects and training educational staff, who is presently the head of international programs at the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation.

The goals of the course

To provide a unique training experience using Virtual Tutors:

  • Virtual Tutors are customized in your language and local accents.
  • Virtual Tutors are created to help guide you through the training program.
The goals of the course

To achieve a better emotional balance, we will work on:

  • The role of the teacher
  • The flexibility of the educator
  • Establishing authoritativeness
The goals of the course

To establish quality educational relationships, we will work on:

  • Building trust
  • Increasing our credibility
  • Recognizing needs
  • Promoting talent
The goals of the course

To facilitate managing the more difficult situations, we will work on:

  • Managing our emotions
  • Managing stress
  • Transformative approach
  • Creativity and problem solving
The goals of the course

To apply what we have studied, we will work on:

  • Resilience
  • Continuous learning
  • Change
  • Teamwork
The Plan

What we will work on​

Training courses based on micro-learning are a very effective strategy; the involvement of users helps organizations to significantly increase the performance of collaborators.


What we will work on

Personal area:

1.Awareness of the role
2.Leadership skills
3.Management of negative reactivity
4.Communication with others
5.Communication with oneself
6.Search for feedback

What we will work on


1.Classroom management
2.Trust management
3. Assertiveness
5.Personal authenticity
6. Leading change and transition

What we will work on

Emotivity and affectivity:

1.Emotional intelligence
3.Emotional stability and self-control
4.Emotional management of the classroom
5.Synergy, integration and collaboration
6.Promoting group awareness

Class example lesson

The ability to observe as the basis of the quality of education:

This unit help you to improve your personal balance while doing your activities. By working on biases, you’ll acquire a more favorable view of others and be able to capitalize their abilities.

Our Team

More About the Founder Committee

Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti and New Life for Children have partnered on several projects since 2008 and have developed an intervention model that has been applied in the following countries: Brazil, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Italy, Israel, Kenya, Kosovo, Nepal, Peru, Turkey, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and territories occupied Palestinians.

Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti

Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti was founded in 2000 from the contributions of Patrizio Paoletti, along with the collaboration of prestigious International Academic partners to provide a scientific approach to educational processes that focus on personal development and education of future generations. The Foundation includes a Research Institute that focuses on the fields of pedagogy, psychology, and neuroscience. From these fields the Research Institute has developed its own educational methodology: Pedagogy for the third millennium.

New Life for Children

New Life for Children is a non-governmental organization that specializes in educational interventions in high marginalized and low-income areas dealing with multi-problem conditions such as poverty, limited educational services, high crime rate and results of natural disasters. New Life for Children has developed a socio-educational intervention program that places the training of local personnel at the center of its program by providing tools for enhancing latent skills and gaining new ones.

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