Our Mission

Our Goal


We believe that ensuring access to quality education regardless of geographic location, age, and gender is an opportunity for growth and empowerment that enables a dignified and meaningful life journey for the individual and the community.

This means that our priority is on learning that enhances children’s capacities to act progressively on their own behalf through the acquisition through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote well-being.


An Educational Emergency Exists, and We are Ready for the Challenge!
Child Protection
A properly trained teacher is among the first child protective factors. It is often a Teacher is the only person who can save a child from social exclusion or even more painful situations.
To fight Educational Poverty without trained teachers, Students struggle to learn and schieve even basic literacy and numeracy Skills.
To increase skills to promote improved and expanded self-determination, smoother socioeconomic mobility processes, and sustainable economic. social and environmental development.
Because everyone must have the chance the project enables teachers of remote schools, to continue to improve their own preparation, the quality of teaching and thus the learning of their students.

Teacher Preparation

Equals Quality Education Initiatives

Our goal is to raise the level of teacher preparation in order to activate and enhance as many quality education initiatives as possible resulting in skill development, broader socio-economic mobility and more widespread and lasting levels of well-being.

Teachers whose original education has been compromised or interrupted by various local factors need to continue on this path more than ever.
According to research, having the support of a high-quality teacher not only improves student accomplishment, but “unqualified teachers” have a negative impact on student performance.

Furthermore, researches find that better student performance, followed by more qualified teachers, correlates to long-term benefits.
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More TEACHERS needed by 2030