A resolution is achievable

The “Teachers Outreach” project addresses the enormous shortage of untrained teachers in places around the world that are burdened by conditions that prevent access to quality education, inhibiting territorial development and the growth of millions of girls and boys.

Our work provides the teaching community with twenty years of educational and didactic experience developed since the early years of the millennium in some low and middle-income countries which includes: Indonesia, India, Nepal, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazil, Peru, Haiti, Turkish-Syrian border.

Our trainings provide materials for self-learning, insights, experiences from the field and exercises, creating opportunities for sharing between communities and countries distant from each other.

The project supports Teachers to:

  • Broaden knowledge of the teaching/learning process.
  • Provide elements for understanding the various stages of child development.
  • Qualitatively improve basic education.
  • Address social issues such as building peace, respecting personal uniqueness and children’s rights.
  • Offer student-centered learning, moving away from routine learning.
  • Share their knowledge and develop new ones.

The project intends to reach one million teachers and educators active in the “low and middle income Countries” by 2030. 

Our goal is to raise the level of teacher preparation to activate and enhance the largest possible number of initiatives in favor of a quality education, in order to generate significant effects on the development of skills, basic and transversal, with wider socio-economic mobility and more widespread and lasting levels of well-being.

“Teachers Outreach” allows teachers of remote schools, for example, distant from the possibility of accessing new knowledge and developing their own skills, to continue to improve their preparation, and the quality of teaching and, therefore, of learning. 

The project guarantees access to innovative and scientifically proven educational tools (Evidence-based education), which will allow you to work by achieving significant objectives even in contexts burdened by adverse conditions.

In addition, “Teachers Outreach” allows you to contain and overcome moments of discomfort and contribute to the development of your territory.  Deprivation and social exclusion, hardship, high levels of structural poverty, educational poverty, crime, discrimination (but also illiberal and anti-democratic regimes) are some of the phenomena that make it difficult, if not impossible, to achieve an objective with an exponential and systemic impact such as SDG4.

Our intervention is dedicated not only to Teachers in training, but also to Teachers who are already in service: the training activities are in fact prepared with the micro-learning approach so that the use of the course adapts to their timetables and does not interfere with the teaching or their family equilibrium.

     Above all considerations, a properly trained teacher is among the first protective factors for childhood, in fact they know how to recognize the symptoms of discomfort, abuse or emotional stress and are often the only person who can save a boy or girl from social exclusion or even more painful situations.